Monday 13th January 2014
Introduction: Treatment of hepatitis C: are we almost at the end of the road?   
Patrick Marcellin (France)
ANRS: perspectives for basic research in viral hepatitis
Jean-François Delfraissy (Director of ANRS, France)
State of the art lecture   
Chairman:  Tarik Asselah (France)
How to optimize current therapy of G1 patients   
Chairpersons: Ira Jacobson (USA) and Masao Omata (Japan)
Personalized treatment with telaprevir   
Graham Foster (UK)
Personalized treatment with boceprevir
Marc Bourlière (France)
Is there still a role for PEG IFN+RBV therapy?     
Lawrence Serfaty (France)
Round table discussion
How to optimize current therapy of non G1 patients
Chairpersons: Nezam Afdhal (USA) and Michael Manns (Germany)
Genotype 2
Adrian Gadano (Argentina)
Genotype 3   
Stanislas Pol (France)
Genotype 4
Tarik Asselah (France)
Round table discussion
State of the art lecture and Award
Chairman: Patrick Marcellin (France)
Milestones in viral hepatitis
Christian Trépo (France)
Special populations 
Chairpersons: Sam Lee (Canada) and François Durand (France)
Patients with cirrhosis    
Savino Bruno (Italy)
Transplant patients
Didier Samuel (France)
HIV co-infected patients
Douglas Dieterich (USA)
Round table discussion
New therapeutic strategies
Chairpersons: David Nelson (USA) and Stefan Zeuzem (Germany)
Advantages of 2nd generation triple therapy
Tarik Asselah (France)
Protease, polymerase and NS5A inhibitors: what will be the wining combination?
Raymond Schinazi (USA)
Do we still need ribavirin?
Mark Sulkowski (USA)
Round table discussion
Controversy: F1/F2 patients: in 2014 treat now or still wait?   
Chairpersons: Eugene Schiff (USA) and Robert Flisiak (Poland)
Treat now: Yves Benhamou (France)
Still wait: Mitchell Shiffman (USA)
Tuesday 14th January 2014
Introduction: HBV: Who, when and how to treat? 
Patrick Marcellin (France)
The control of HBV related liver disease
Chairpersons: Henry Chan (Hong Kong) and Fabien Zoulim (France)
Regression of fibrosis. Is cirrhosis reversible?    
Antonio Craxi (Italy)
Are non-invasive markers of fibrosis reliable?    
Laurent Castera (France)
HBsAg quantitation : useful for staging the liver disease?
Maurizia Brunetto (Italy)
HBsAg quantitation : useful for the indication and follow-up of therapy ?
Michelle Martinot-Peignoux (France)
Round table discussion
Optimal therapy of HBeAg-positive chronic hepatitis B
Chairpersons: Ji Dong Jia (China) and Michael Fried (USA)
Why do I treat my patient with a NUC?   
Maria Buti (Spain)
Why do I treat my patient with pegylated IFN? 
Jia-Horng Kao (Taiwan)
Round table discussion
Optimal therapy of HBeAg-negative chronic hepatitis B
Chairpersons: Seng Gee Lim (Singapour) and Feruccio Bonino (Italy)
Why do I treat my patient with a NUC?    
Pietro Lampertico (Italy)
Why do I treat my patient with pegylated IFN?
George Papatheodoridis (Greece)
Round table discussion
New therapeutic perspectives
Chairpersons: Mario Rizzetto (Italy) and George Lau (Hong Kong)
New interferons and immunomodulators     
Jake Liang (USA)
Impact of HBV therapy on the incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma
Massimo Colombo (Italy)
When to stop NUCs? 
Rafael Esteban (Spain)
Round table discussion
Conclusion: tomorrow and after tomorrow?    
Patrick Marcellin (France)