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Etienne_Solvay: Do you believe leaders are born or made?
Camille_HECParis: When you were at the beginning of your career, did you dream of becoming a company CEO?
Sarah_ESSEC: You joined EY 32 years ago? What has attracted you to EY and what motivated you to remain?sarah_ESSEC:
Benoît_PolytechniqueParis: Are financial / economic studies and degrees a must to enter EY?
Victor_KULeuven: Who has inspired you in your career so far?
Maxime_PolytechniqueBruxelles: Do you recommend to follow our heart or our brain when choosing the domain of activity?
Sophie_Solvay: What is the biggest challenge that the financial domain is facing today and how do you cope with it?
Marie_ESCP: Can you explain the impact, if any, that social networking and Web 2.0 has made on your organization?
David_KU Leuven: Has EY's business model changed towards digitization of internal practices?
Alexandre_Centrale Supelec:  Do you believe in generation differences? Should millennials be managed differently at work?
Julien_Polytechnique Bruxelles: How decisions are made at EY? As CEO, do you rely on employee feedback or you make decisions alone?
Adrien_ESCP: How does EY take advantage of developments related to digital transformation?
Louis_ESSEC: How do you handle beginner mistakes in your organization?
Maxime_KU Leuven: Is there a mentoring program inside EY? How are new entrants supported to acquire new skills?
Léa _HEC Paris: Working at EY is it an individual or team effort?
Olivier_Centrale Supelec: Is the attraction of young talent a priority of your organization?
Mehdi_ENSAE: What are the top 3 reasons you love working for EY?
Mathieu_ENSAE: What is the key differentiating element that makes EY one of the so-called Big 4 companies?
Emilie_Solvay: Which are the core values shared inside EY?
Céline_Solvay: What does EY do to take the internal pulse in terms of employee feedback collection?
Thomas_ENSAE: Is work-life balance considered at EY?
Antoine _Polytechnique Paris: Which are the 3 main elements that make EY a sustainable business model?
Alice_HEC Paris: Is diversity at work a key element of selecting new hires?
Pierre_ESCP: Does EY promote sustainable practices at work? Could you mention some of them?
Nicolas_Centrale Supelec: What experiences are you creating at EY to ensure people understand and share corporate social responsibility values?
Jean-Baptiste_Centrale Supelec: I noticed that EY is increasingly recruiting engineering profiles. In this regard, what are your policy choices and why?
Mehdi_ENSAE: What are the top 3 reasons you love working for EY?
Jean-Baptiste_Centrale Supelec: What qualities can an engineer bring to EY and what can bring EY to this engineer? (in term of international mobility, in comparison to another audit group for example)   
Romain_EURIA: What are your advices to go up the corporate ladder as an actuary?
David_EURIA: We hear a great deal about Big Data and its huge potential. Aren't there too many expectations around this discipline?